Phase 2: the uncertainty of the aftermath and the social recovery

It’s not easy to jump when you don’t know exactly what will happen after, but sometimes you have to just do it, making sure you have the right parachute: relationships and skills, and trust in both.

After a disaster we always see a phenomenon: that of polarizations. History teaches us that. In my opinion there will be two extremes that will develop in the aftermath, a fickle future, uncertain and improvised.

It’s true, we Italians are good at improvising, and during uncertain times our creativity comes out, but as even Francesco Rotondi highlighted in his article published on the Economist on May 7th, at the moment those who govern our country seem to lack a strategic vision, an organizational vision, and a system vision, and in my opinion we risk facing a pop quiz in the classroom without ever having opened the textbook, hoping that someone will pass us the answers from under the desk, we could have a stroke of luck or a sudden breakthrough, but the risk of failing is quite high.

Aside from not having a clear plan in terms of economic recovery, there is also no plan for the social recovery. Here too we could find ourselves facing two extremes: on one side the desire to go back to being together, perhaps reactivating the virus, and on the other side the distrust which will lead us to retreat within our borders and walls.

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