Social Fiction and Future

We are facing an important change. No doubt. But what nobody tells us is that this is the moment when we can make an entire country “click” and start giving concrete form to the life of the “after”. When I’ll go out “after”, how do I want my world to be? I listened to Francesca Folda during a CafFerpi and she made me think.

Do I really want to go back to a crowded subway or to a mall with neon lights with gloves and a mask on or do I want to experience a different world?

In Stark Trek the famous coffee mug had materialized with a sort of tele-transport, today we have the 3D printer: what man can imagine can also create, and therefore why not start from a sort of Social Fiction and imagine the society in which we want to live our “after”? If nothing will be the same as before, do we really think of going to sunbathe on a beach inside a Plexiglas box or is it possible to think of a different way to populate our beaches?

The future, described very well in a book by the Palestra di Scrittura, helps us to start from that precise point of arrival where we want to project ourselves to then retrace all the steps necessary to actually get there.

When Greta Thunberg spoke of individual responsibility in reducing pollution, we thought this was not possible, because our homes had to be heated in one way or another. Now, we still heat our houses and yet we can see a starry sky from our Milanese roofs. Of course, we were forced to leave the cars at home, but we also have proof that what we breathe depends on us.

Making innovation, as Alf Rehn also says in his book Innovation for the Fatigued, means to stop talking about it in vain and building deeply creative cultures. True innovation is the ability to transform innovation into something meaningful for people.

What better innovation then if not to create more livable cities in the open air with bicycle paths, “walkable” streets, parks with gym equipment to do outdoor sports, fountains to wash your hands and fill our bottles instead of polluting the environment with plastic ones?

I put my future on paper with the WorldSchooling project, now backwards I define the steps that will lead me to make it happen. And have you written your future?

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