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Why is empathy a hard skill

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“Follow your heart” my grandmother used to tell me. But does the heart talk? And does it think?

My Worldschooling (the virtual school trip I have already started) led me to explore whether what my grandmother told me was just a wise advice, or if it could conceal another truth.

Empathy is not a soft skill but a hard skill

This is demonstrated by the studies carried out by the Heartmath Research Institute (the mathematics of the heart) with which I got in touch, after several emails, and a reply from Gaby Boehmer. As you may have guessed by now, my curiosity leads me to travel within things and places, and this time it has taken me to California, and more precisely to Santa Cruz Mountains, to Rollin McCraty. After the certification as EQ Assessor (Six Second) with Joshua Freedman I looked for the scientific basis that would give me the proof of this thesis. What can I say?  I’m like St. Thomas: I have to see it with my own eyes. Keep reeding here.

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