What? 365 days (maybe more, maybe less) from North Pole to South Pole

Who? Me, 47-year-old mum, along with my 12-year-old son, Alessandro

When? From September 2020 (fingers crossed) until August 2021

What about school? We’re doing Homeschooling, and the virus has shown us how to follow and teach our children their school programs from home. In a dedicated page (Homeschooling on the road) I will tell what to prepare, what documents you need, and I will describe the program that we will be following for Alessandro’s seventh grade. Luckily, we have people supporting us with this idea, including Aleardo Aleardi School in Verona, an open-minded principal at our International School, and Ale’s dad, he’s realized that this is not just the journey of Alessandro’s life, but the journey to his life.

What about work? A sabbatical year for me: back to school, this time in the world, in order to return home with a backpack full of ideas, new experiences, and my most recently published book, #connectingthedots! The next thing I know, the new economic world will look for managers who are open-minded with a disruptive way of thinking; we will need managers able to create and develop organizations in new ones. The world, after this pandemic, is not going to be the same; economic logic will no longer be the same; relationships, the way of we live, everything will be different. We cannot go back to how we were before; we are living a new era, where we can (and should) create our new future with the help of technology, innovation, Artificial Intelligence, but also with good relations and Emotional Intelligence. I don’t know if I’m going to be a Human Resources Manager again but for sure, I’m not going to sit around and do nothing!

Why? In my book, “Not Even Ostriches Do It Anymore: Living Well with Artificial Intelligence,” (available at the moment but only in Italian, on Amazon) I wrote about which agilities will be important to live well in the future, and that the ability to unlearn what is obsolete is necessary in order to make room for the New. I will meet and explore how different populations manage these agilities, how they learn and how they manage changes. Worldschooling, will help us return different from how we started, with new ideas and new #connectingthedots. We’ll be back richer in experience, and in our minds and hearts.

Why now? Because now we’re experiencing an age change, and the sooner we understand it, the sooner we can combine and create new ways of being together, develop our organizations, build different societies, create new ways of being in the world, and above all, shape the future we want.

Where? Artificial Intelligence laboratories, university research centers, countries where technology is light years ahead compared to Italy and countries where they live with almost no technology. To the extremes: from Silicon Valley to an Eskimo village in Alaska and then down from the North Pole to the South Pole towards Patagonia. North and South America far and wide to visit High Tech places and Low Tech communities, from the Palo Alto Nerds to the Amish communities in Ohio. A broad, flexible route depending on the contingencies of the time, in what will be the Post-Corona Virus world, a world that will be “VUCA”: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Our path to the world will be exactly like this.

Nerd and Amish communities

How? First of all the planes (at least to get there if we don’t want to swim), then the sled, because I’ve promised Ale to go to the Far North with the Husky and obviously a Van, our classroom on wheels while traveling in the world! We will sleep inside the Van of course but also with Homeexchange where possible, to take a hot shower but also to live like locals and then as guests at other Homeschooler’s families to share knowledge and explore different cultures. The passport will be: full immersion and movement! A classroom inside the Van, a school on wheels. A journey within the journey.

Classroom on wheels

And from now to September? We will be training our mind and our body: we’ll read, we continue to do school lessons from home, we’ll attend additional online classes, improve our foreign languages, enroll in useful associations for Homeschooling, interview those who have done similar adventures, and run on the treadmill Technogym that is placed in the middle of our living room to be able to deal with Alaska’s distances or hiking in Patagonia. We start to connect and get to know people and places to optimize and refine our Worldschooling project. I’ll tell you all about the preparations here.