This is a space entirely for Alessandro, he will tell Worldschooling from his point of view, with short articles, stories, ideas, videos. The world seen through the eyes of a child, his expectations and his emotions. After all, when he sees me writing he asks me: are you training your “journalism”? Here he will train his: small reporters are growing up!

I like to travel because I can be with my mom and visit places around the world and learning about the different cultures there. The place I would most like to visit would be Alaska because there are huskies and snow, things that, combined, I love and then you can see the magical Northern Lights. I have already been to many places in the world but one that I particularly liked was Namibia because you can see many animals of the Savannah and in some places taste the meat of some species such as Kudu and ostrich. To prepare for this adventure in the morning I run for an hour on the treadmill to be able to endure long walks that are not always downhill and then I read a little every day. The first thing I thought of when my mom suggested we take this trip was “Yesssssss” I can’t wait to leave. I think Homeschooling will be fantastic and I can’t believe that my mom will be my teacher. I will miss going fishing with my dad, my cat Paul and being with my friends, and the thing I will miss the least will be school. I will miss my friends a lot but I will keep in touch with them via WhatsApp and in the end I will tell them all about my experiences so as to make them a little bit jealous. Also now I have my own youtube channel. “(by Alessandro)

May 14, 2020

You learn many things when you travel: Christmas in Vietnam with my mom was a discovery

You can learn many things while traveling, at least that’s how it is for me when I travel with my mom. During the last Christmas holidays my mom and I left Venice airport to make a stop in Moscow in Russia and then we took a long flight to Hanoi in northern Vietnam with Aeroflot, a plane that was a bit broken but that has brought us safely to our destination.

Honestly when my mom told me to bring a jacket it seemed absurd because it is cold in Moscow but we are at the airport and there is heating there, I thought. I couldn’t imagine, however, that I would need it in Vietnam. When we landed in Hanoi I had to immediately pull out my jacket because it was freezing, well let’s not exaggerate: it was cold, because Hanoi is located in the North and Vietnam is a beautiful long and narrow country.

The next day we went to see an Imperial palace where they were celebrating the end of the university, but not as we do here in Italy by throwing the hat up in the air, but kneeling and joining hands between fist and palm so as to form a kind of greeting that also means respect for adults who have taught them many things. This greeting is generally used to greet each, other instead of the handshake we use here, so they certainly don’t run the risk of passing each other the microbes of the Corona Virus.

On day two, our personal guide brought us to eat a traditional Vietnamese dish called Pho Bo and if you remember I mentioned it in another article (if you missed it, go to read it here), a fabulous dish that however does not exceed my carbonara, even if in Vietnam I also ate it for breakfast.

Another thing I learned on this trip is to make kites, you can see my mom and I here building it together in this cottage in the Hue countryside . I can’t wait to fly it because I made a figure that represents the fire at night and that I would like to see flutter over my head when we can finally run on the beach again.

In Vietnam I also saw a Chef make beautiful decorations with vegetables and I made a video that I hope you will find interesting.

We saw this culinary art on a wooden cruise junk, where we also slept while sailing in Halong bay, and where in the morning we went to visit an island with a huge cave, and then I bathed in the sea and the water was freezing, in fact I immediately ran back to the shore.

We also experimented with Tai Chi but I didn’t really like it, while my mom seems to have relaxed doing it while the sun rose.

We enjoyed our last days of vacation by relaxing in PhuQuoc, an island in the extreme south of Vietnam near Cambodia, where we went around with a broken-down scooter, since we are not the usual tourists and we rode it in the midst of cars, chaos and garbage. We also visited a pepper plantation, and we are still using it. It was the first time I saw where pepper grows and how plants are made.

Still with the scooter we went to a beach called the starfish beach and an islet that had been built specifically as a park like Aquaparc in Garda only with much more dangerous slides, perhaps because in Vietnam in terms of safety they are not so rigid like us.

After each vacation we choose the best photos and print them, we make a sort of digital album because my mom says that memories are lost in the computer and so today while looking at the digital photos to choose from, since we finally have a lot of time to do it, these adventures have and those that I will still do traveling around the world have popped into my mind.

As I waiting to tell you about what I will do, I recall some of the trips already made, and my mom says she has some overdue albums still to be done because she had no time, and I know that I will help her choose the photos to use, and maybe I will want to tell you about something else that I learned in past trips, like the one in Norway hunting giant crabs, or the one with the Ranger in the Grand Canon, but that’s another story… ..

01 May 2020

School before was very different from how I am learning now with my teachers online during Covid19 because in the classroom you were with your classmates and did many more lessons but now you only do 3 hours at the most. I imagine that homeschooling will be similar to how I do school now with the difference that I will not have lessons online but my mom will teach me.

I like the idea of doing a school year with my mom traveling the world and I imagine it just like it is now during the Corona Virus with the difference that we will not have to stay indoors but we will travel to many different countries. In my opinion, when traveling you learn more than when you are at school. In addition to studying school subjects, you also learn about different cultures and try foods with flavors that we do not have in Italy. When I travel, the new food at first seems disgusting but then after tasting it I find that some is not bad, as for example the Pho Bò that I ate in Vietnam: a soup with noodles, beef and a vegetable that looked like chives cut into small pieces.

I have traveled to many places in the world, and the things I have always learned while traveling are all part of one thing, what my mom calls travel agility: the ability to travel around the world discovering new cultures, foods and new experiences, which you then put all together and so you learn.

I only told my best friends about this upcoming adventure, my ex-girlfriend, and my best friend Lollo, but at the moment they didn’t say anything exciting, as if this adventure was an everyday thing. Maybe they still don’t believe I will really leave. At the moment I don’t know yet any other child who does Homeschooling but I will be able to contact them through a newspaper called the Journal of the Home Schooler, since I will soon be part of the editorial team. As of today I have explored two platforms that can help me when I do Worldschooling, which are called and, but I think I will try others.

Today I read a Homeschooler’s magazine, where I found a story of a family that does Homeschooling, which really hit. This family lives in Canada, and made this choice as soon as the first of their three children was born. These kids never went to school, but they always received education from their mother. They recounted this experience as something they adore, but unfortunately the laws change and they have had to change their way of studying too. Until 2018 they could do Homeschooling without problems, but now everything has become more difficult. Now they have to notify the state, and they have to present a school plan, while before the program could be changed along the way. Another example is that they didn’t have to take exams at the end of each year and at the beginning, but now they have to take an exam every four months. In addition, Homeschooling has become illegal in certain areas of Canada.

From my point of view, it seems that the educational institution wants the kids to go to school, in order to earn more, and to make the schools earn. I think like all the other Homeschoolers that doing Homeschooling is much better than going to school, in fact in my opinion you learn the same things that you learn in school, but also much more clearly according to the modalities, for example I who will travel all over, I will learn many different things. So homeschooling is a choice that is cheaper than the private school I used to go to, and it also makes children learn more if done, for example, as I will do by travelling the world, and then it is also a zero-emission thing because you don’t have to take the kids to school by car. Not all parents can afford to do it because not everyone is educated like my mom, and also if they have a demanding job it becomes difficult to follow the kids. My mom took a gap year to make this experience with me, and so I feel lucky.