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Why is empathy a hard skill

“Follow your heart” my grandmother used to tell me. But does the heart talk? And does it think?

My Worldschooling led me to explore whether what my grandmother told me was just a wise advice, or if it could conceal another truth.

Empathy is not a soft skill but a hard skill

This is demonstrated by the studies carried out by the Heartmath Research Institute (the mathematics of the heart) with which I got in touch, after several emails, and a reply from Gaby Boehmer. As you may have guessed by now, my curiosity leads me to travel within things and places, and this time it has taken me to California, and more precisely to Santa Cruz Mountains, to Rollin McCraty. After the certification as EQ Assessor (Six Second) with Joshua Freedman I looked for the scientific basis that would give me the proof of this thesis. What can I say?  I’m like St. Thomas: I have to see it with my own eyes.

Rollin McCraty

Heartmath researchers have found that the heart is a sophisticated information coding and processing center, which has its own nervous system made up of 40,000 neurons, and has also proven that the flow of afferent information from the heart to the brain is 50 times more, and 5000 times, stronger. Hence, the information that the heart sends to the brain is much more than what brain sends to the heart. Let that sink in.

The heart  has more control over the brain, than the brain over heart.

And here is where the belief that I was a more rational and head-driven person collapsed. After 47 years I realized that, scientifically, this is not possible! The nerve bundles that connect the heart to the brain are more than the nerve fibers that connect the brain to the heart, and therefore it is the heart that prevails, always! Even when you are firmly convinced that you are an extremely rational woman. It’s gonna take me a while to digest this, I admit it.

And as if that wasn’t enough…. the heart is also an endocrine organ!

I’ll explain myself better: the heart secretes hormones, and not only hormones like vasopressin that are connected to the tone of the blood vessels, but those hormones that make your head spin, like oxytocin. Exactly, that same hormone that is released during orgasm. The wellbeing hormone. So what happens? Simple: a harmonious heart activity puts hormones in circulation that keep us in a situation of harmony, just like the physical activity secretes the endorfin  the positive emotions that we recall to our mind cause the heart to secrete oxytocin, which is the wellness hormone.

The heart has a very powerful electromagnetic field

As a result of the heart’s electrical activity, an electromagnetic field is generated. At this point, Heartmath scientists went on to correlate, both on an electric and electromagnetic level, the fields of the heart and the fields of the brain. And what did they find out? The heart generates an electric field 50 times more powerful than the brain’s, but at the same time it generates an electromagnetic field 5000 times stronger than the brain’s. Since therefore the magnetic field, in terms of the speed  information, travels much faster than the electric field, because it travels at the speed of light, basically the heart is able to control the brain. The heart acts like this not only on the brain but on all the cells of the body.

Electromagnetic fields tend to generate resonance

The electromagnetic field of the heart, which is therefore the strongest electromagnetic field in the whole body, is able to synchronize the rhythms of all the cells of the body. So, if we send the heart into a harmonic oscillation, it is able to harmonize all the cells of the body and even more the brain cells. If we let the heart go in harmonic oscillation, the brain also goes in oscillation and thus connects to the field.

The electromagnetic field generated by heart is perceptible at a conversation distance

Two people have their respective hearts’ electromagnetic fields communicating at two meters away. This means that if, while walking on the street, as it often happens today, we meet people who go around angry wearing their mask, and do not even say hi to you because it almost seems that the virus passes through the gaze, you will totally feel this anger. However, it also means that, if instead we are someone who lovingly connects with our brain, our loving kindness can infect those close to us even without shaking their hand, at a conversation distance. There are a whole series of tests on this that Heartmath has carried out and that you can read on their website. For now they have verified that the electromagnetic field of our hearts reach a distance of three meters, but it seems that it can also reach a greater distance, and that it can even create real chains of positive electromagnetic fields.

The heartbeat of humanity

It seems that the electromagnetic fields of the heart, endowed with the dualism of matter, photon and energy, communicate also in a quantum way, which means that they could communicate with the unified field of information. Now, if this were true, theoretically, by harmonizing the beat of our hearts, we could create the heartbeat of humanity, and decide create a loving humanity together.

Well, without  going that far, since this step is a bit too quantum for my mind, even if I stop only at the first step, the scientific research that confirms that the heart controls the brain, then how can we continue to to think that empathy, meaning the ability to sync with someone els is a soft skill? It’s not, because it comes from an organ that is harder than our brain: the heart.

Dear grandma, you were so right! Follow your heart, and if you cannot change the world you can certainly positively influence those who are close to you, even with a mask!

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