Internet ci rende stupidi o intelligenti?

La nostra attenzione è più bassa di quella di un pesce rosso. Stiamo davvero diventando più distratti e più stupidi in questa era digitale? C’è chi dice sì, c’è chi dice no, direbbe Vasco. Io dico: dipende. Da cosa? Dall’agilità cognitiva. Ed ecco che rispunta fuori l’agilità cognitiva, la seconda agilità del Digital Mindset.

Augmented authenticity and Kintsugi

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting together the pieces of a broken cup with gold. An ancient art, with a meaning that goes far beyond mere technique, a manual gesture, and that comes precisely from the composition of two words: kin (gold) and tsugi (reunite, repair, put together). Today this art is practiced by many craftsmen in Japan, and it can even take up to a month to repair a cup, but what strikes me is the possible analogy with our authenticity.

Why is empathy a hard skill

Heartmath researchers have found that the heart is a sophisticated information coding and processing center and the information that the heart sends to the brain is much more than what brain sends to the heart and the electromagnetic field generated by heart is perceptible at a conversation distance. This means that our loving kindness can infect those close to us even without shaking their hand, at a conversation distance. Can you now immagine why empathy is a hard skill?

Little Thumbling & a Surname for Italy

Words shape the reality around us, trace it and pursue it, like Ariadne’s thread or like Little Thumbling’s crumbs. When we name things, they begin to exist, they were not there before . If it is true that words create the canvases of our reality and these bind us to history, can they also create a new story? Could we influence, with words, the world to come?

Phase 2: the uncertainty of the aftermath and the social recovery

Social recovery and trust will be the real post-covid19 challenge.
After a disaster we always see a phenomenon: that of polarizations. Aside from not having a clear plan in terms of economic recovery, there is also no plan for the social recovery. Here too we could find ourselves facing two extremes: on one side the desire to go back to being together, perhaps reactivating the virus, and on the other side the distrust which will lead us to retreat within our borders and walls.