Internet ci rende stupidi o intelligenti?

La nostra attenzione è più bassa di quella di un pesce rosso. Stiamo davvero diventando più distratti e più stupidi in questa era digitale? C’è chi dice sì, c’è chi dice no, direbbe Vasco. Io dico: dipende. Da cosa? Dall’agilità cognitiva. Ed ecco che rispunta fuori l’agilità cognitiva, la seconda agilità del Digital Mindset.

Little Thumbling & a Surname for Italy

Words shape the reality around us, trace it and pursue it, like Ariadne’s thread or like Little Thumbling’s crumbs. When we name things, they begin to exist, they were not there before . If it is true that words create the canvases of our reality and these bind us to history, can they also create a new story? Could we influence, with words, the world to come?

Digital Mindset: Learn to learn to start again

The Digital Mindset will be the fuel fo restart and learn to learn to restart is fundamental. In this article I will focus on the first agility and what I would do to face an elephant that looks big: I would slice it up. I have never eaten an elephant and so I imagine Behavioral Agility as a fat whale and here come the six skewers with which I would face the mammoth animal of Behavioral Agility: the technical competence, the one that everyone confuses with the digital mindset when instead it is only one of the five agility of the Digital Mindset.