Internet ci rende stupidi o intelligenti?

La nostra attenzione è più bassa di quella di un pesce rosso. Stiamo davvero diventando più distratti e più stupidi in questa era digitale? C’è chi dice sì, c’è chi dice no, direbbe Vasco. Io dico: dipende. Da cosa? Dall’agilità cognitiva. Ed ecco che rispunta fuori l’agilità cognitiva, la seconda agilità del Digital Mindset.

Augmented authenticity and Kintsugi

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting together the pieces of a broken cup with gold. An ancient art, with a meaning that goes far beyond mere technique, a manual gesture, and that comes precisely from the composition of two words: kin (gold) and tsugi (reunite, repair, put together). Today this art is practiced by many craftsmen in Japan, and it can even take up to a month to repair a cup, but what strikes me is the possible analogy with our authenticity.

Why is empathy a hard skill

Heartmath researchers have found that the heart is a sophisticated information coding and processing center and the information that the heart sends to the brain is much more than what brain sends to the heart and the electromagnetic field generated by heart is perceptible at a conversation distance. This means that our loving kindness can infect those close to us even without shaking their hand, at a conversation distance. Can you now immagine why empathy is a hard skill?

Digital Mindset: Learn to learn to start again

The Digital Mindset will be the fuel fo restart and learn to learn to restart is fundamental. In this article I will focus on the first agility and what I would do to face an elephant that looks big: I would slice it up. I have never eaten an elephant and so I imagine Behavioral Agility as a fat whale and here come the six skewers with which I would face the mammoth animal of Behavioral Agility: the technical competence, the one that everyone confuses with the digital mindset when instead it is only one of the five agility of the Digital Mindset.

Travel agility: viaggiare dentro le storie

Questa è il mio modo curioso di esplorare il mondo, questa la vita, quando inizi a scoprire una storia vicino ne trovi subito un’altra. Non ci sono coincidenze, o meglio, quelle ce le creiamo. Il mondo è pieno di storie. Questa è la mia Travel Agility. Questa la mia curiosità di viaggiare nei luoghi, dentro le cose ma soprattutto dentro le persone.