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I hadn’t foreseen that I would one day write a book on Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence. As a child I used to read books under the covers, when my parents told me to turn off the light, but my true love was always traveling, first with the imagination, then with the words, and now inside things and inside people, with my work and not only and after writing a book with the point of view of Human Resources Director on the business world, and on the agility that will be fundamental in order not to be replaced by a Robot, I decided to continue working with people and companies keeping writing, whenever I can, and learning whatever I can.

In fact, preparing for the future means knowing how to look at the world from different angles, it means continuing to be curious to know, discover and explore, it means having new experiences and sowing many dots and then knowing how to connect them one day, and thus create a new wonderful plan called “future” . 

Tatiana Coviello

Vice President of Human Resources and author, for passion and mission

I’ve studied Business & Economics in Trier in Germany because I wanted to spread my wings and then take a second degree in Psychology in Italy, because deep down sooner or later we end up going back to our nest.

So this is how I came to bring together Business and People because I understood that they are the ones who do the Business and not vice versa. To not stop learning is my obsession, because when you do it you have stopped living and so I certified myself in Emotional Intelligence. I then found myself working with a robot that instead could read emotions, even though he was human, and so I started asking questions and looking for answers. This experience allowed me to connect the dots and a surprising drawing came out, colored by my curiosity, the same one that led me to write my book and that now leads me to explore the world with different eyes.

I had thought about leaving for a whole year, backpacking and aboard a Volkswagen Minivan. You know the 70s? A bit like that but with different stops, no Hippies Trail between Africa and India, but places that revolve around the contrasts between high tech and low tech cultures. Of course I would have travelled with my favorite travel companion: my son Alessandro and our Worldschooler backpack in the trunk. We would have done school around the world.

From Alaska to Patagonia, this was broadly the plan, which for now I keep in my drawer or maybe I’ll make a piece at a time. In this time of great uncertainty, I learned that the world sometimes revolves in a  weird way, and not only it is VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) but it is VERY VUCA! A Virus has arrived and has turned our world upside down, we all ended up upside down, but perhaps in this way we were also able to observe it from a different perspective. When I was just looking at it upside down and packing to return from France and leave for Portugal, my Hyperloop passed, you know that of Elon Musk?

I took it, waving my one-way ticket, and I find myself working from Human Resources Director to Chief People Officer and now Vice President of Human Resources in a multinational company.

People and different cultures remain my focus and I must admit: I love what I do. I’m one of the lucky people who can say: I love my job. I still keep learning new things and when I have one minutes extra time, even at night, I keep writing! When I write I’m in my flow, I chat with my soul and rub my brain, hoping to meet the souls and brains of. my readers.

I love my life, intensive and sometimes messy, and I would not miss a minute of this life because every minute has made me what I am: mom, manager and writer.

How not to lose your job and be replaced by a robot

A book for those who fear losing their job and being replaced by a robot, for those who want to find a job, for those who are still studying and want to know how to integrate the exam subjects.

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