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Not even ostriches do it anymore. How to live well with Artificial Intelligence

Can you ask yourself the right questions?

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In innovation is rewarded thanks to transversality and diversity. Knowing a lot about everything, being open-minded, finding lessons everywhere, and also learning from things we don’t like.

In the book, chapter after chapter, I tell all that I have learned over the years and what I see today as a Human Resources Manager, which I think and hope will remain for a long time solely human.

I try to answer these questions, the ones for which I have useful answers regardless of your role.

How will jobs change? What can we do to stay relevant and not be crushed by the tech revolution? What skills and abilities will be required of us, and how can we develop them without getting caught up in tech-pessimism?

What does Digital Mindset mean? And how can you develop it?

The book is also written for you who behave as an ostrich, putting your head in the sand, hoping that the government, the company you work for, your family and your kids’ school (the “false myths”) will solve the problem and for you who look back to the 80s with nostalgia, as if it were a better world, lost like tears in the rain.

Even those who identify with Checco Zalone will find interesting ideas to understand that not only the permanent employment no longer exist, but not even the permanent role no longer exists. The world changes, companies change, jobs change, even within the same company or office.

The book is not only for those who are job-hunting, but also for those who manage jobs or offer work. For managers and for those who want to understand how their role changes and how to manage the VUCA world; for entrepreneurs, so that VUCA does not scare them off (and maybe not become a F**K OFF) but they can find new ideas, new opportunities and new spaces for play and discover.

What does VUCA mean? What’s the latest on Artificial Intelligence ? Do social media make us stupid or smarter, or simply different? Pull your head out and read the book, you will find the answers you are looking for.

Book index

  • Preface by Francesco Rotondi
  • Introduction
  • From Vintage to Artificial Intelligence

Part I – A new society with Artificial Intelligence

  • Amazon and Google: new rulers?
  • The futurogical world: a new Ying and Yang dimension
  • The naturogic evolution of man

Part II – Live well with Artificial Intelligence


What makes us exquisitely human. Consciousness, Awareness and Social Direction
The ALL-logical world: the person between physical, digital and social

Part III – Digital skills

  • Behavioural Agility: there’s more to WhatsApp and smartphones
  • Social Agility and Social Media Agility: the collaborative Mindset
  • Cognitive agility: Steve Jobs and Elon Musk’s Connecting the Dots
  • Curiosity in Alice’s Wonderland and that of Elon Musk’s augmented reality
  • Change Agility: is neuroscience on your side?

Part IV – Digital training Technological agility

  • Information and attention bulimia
  • An “app” a day takes the tech anxiety away
  • Social Agility
  • Sow: do favors and be available
  • Become a Network Animal and create valuable communities
  • Train yourself in public speaking whenever you can
  • Cognitive Agility
  • Travel Agility – how to travel developing the Digital Mindset
  • Agility in changing

Part V – Six are enough …

  • Now train yourself to lose your job in six years: think, feel and act accordingly!
  • Six beliefs that will probably make you lose your job
  • Six emotions that will easily make you lose your job
  • Six actions that will certainly make you lose your job

Part VI – Smelling tomorrow’s work

  • Disappearing jobs and new jobs
  • A pinch of irony in the digital world: the story of watermelon and Artificial Intelligence
  • So am I vintage then?

Scarica e leggi subito il primo capitolo del libro!



International best seller author and HR Director World Economic Forum

“Everyone talks about the digital society and the changes that come from it. This book – in a convincing and truly enjoyable way – leads the reader to understand its features, how we will change and the new skills we need to acquire. The ongoing transformation pushes us to learn not only skills but also a tech and social agility. The last part of the book is absolutely unmissable, with a hint of irony the author explains which mental models will help us remain relevant in a world that changes at exponential speed. A book with tools, stories and reflections that help you grow, as people and not only as professionals: absolutely not to be missed. “


CEO at Mediolanum Assicurazioni Spa

“Whenever I read an interesting book, I realize that I have to keep something of it. I find the effort to escape the inevitable laziness that digital technology can allow, counterbalancing it with the immense humanistic wealth that surrounds us, especially in our country. The concept of digital reciprocity is deep, imagining that sharing in the virtual world what is most useful for everyone’s life is in fact building a place of exchange where it becomes possible to renew fundamental values. Finally, it helps this positive vision of the future as a place of research, of discovery, of playground where each of us has the opportunity to show our skills. Tatiana has been able to combine real content with useful and very edible tips. “


Professor of Philosophy and AI Expert at IULM Milan University

“The great Walter Benjamin wrote, almost a century ago, that our ideas and habits change much more slowly than the technological bases: this consideration has never been truer. The book confronts us with the revolutions that, often without our knowledge , are overwhelming the foundations of human existence. In a world where machines are more and more human, and human beings are more and more machines, the boundaries between technology and human are more fluid than ever. With simplicity, grace and great clarity, the text summarizes the challenges of the coming years, managing to decline the theme in a way suitable for all generations. Can we afford to behave like ostriches? Obviously not. A book to read in one breath to understand our future, and to identify the tools and the knowledge we can no longer do without. “

What people say about my book

Not Even Ostriches Still Do It, by Tatiana Coviello. It’s the typical book you buy, read and then keep on sharing with those you care about. It speaks of Artificial Intelligence, of Agility, of Digital Mindset, of today and of a very near tomorrow. I read it, drawing lessons from it to equip myself or re-equip myself to play as a winner – and not a survivor – in the VUCA world (I won’t tell you what it means, find out from page 24 onwards). You give it to millennial children hoping to feed their curiosity and become champions with the right Social Agility, Human before Media. And they never lose their intus- legere ability. You give it to your colleague who asks you if we really have to invest in #digitalmarketing (!! ??) and if we have to worry about our web reputation even if we open Speed ​​Queen Laundries. You give it to your friend and then you find yourself interrogating to make sure he has read it and is working to connect his dots. In short, a book that I would define as beautiful as a novel, because it is a bit the novel of everything that is happening around us.


Marco Treggiari

We really needed woman’s sensitivity to make us understand another and new perspective with which to observe AI.
In fact, AI is related to another intelligence, Goleman’s emotional one, to develop as many scenarios as possible.
A woman who is immersed in work, who travels the world and is incredibly up-to-date on everything.
You can catch many ideas, in particular on the business world, it bring us so many words and examples to tell us about her experience in dealing with people who are entering, changing and leaving the business world.
And if all this were not enough, a person who touches first hand, and above all has continuous relationships with professionals, while looking at them in the eye, sees the future a little better, and a little earlier. And with a positive mindset that runs through the whole book.
Personally, I had a great desire to hold a job interview with her because I am convinced that in any case I would get so much out of it.


Great book! The author tackles topics that seem complex, the technology of the future and social effects, using a fluent language that everyone can understand. She does it with intelligence and in an ironic, amusing key. The wave of digital transformation is coming, and this reading has made me more aware of these two possibilities: either you get overwhelmed or “take the serf board, ride the wave … and start flying!” In the book you understand how you can and where you can start to put wings on. Superb! It also offers a wealth of ideas to measure your digital skills and possibly adapt them to what the job market requires, and will require more and more. Every part of this book is engaging and you can’t stop. ..until the end.

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