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A first minitour, only 5 dates, but each of these is special for the chosen venues, the guests who intervene, for the sponsors, for the welcoming many friends (online and offline) who have helped me, supported me in the organization and communication. Two more are missing and then who knows, my journey within places, things and people, will certainly not stop here.

With my book I wanted to contribute in raising awareness of what skills and mindset we will need to live well our future in a world that we will share with Artificial Intelligence.

I started writing my book drawing inspiration from the chats with my friend Claudia, and by her Emotional Intelligence, while I was writing it I studied various topics and met professionals, experts and people who simply supported and encouraged me. All this has been possible thanks to digital technology and to this augmented reality in which we live, where relationships can also be established with those who live elsewhere simply with a click. I answered questions asked by those who were curious about what I was writing and listened to different ideas and points of view.

Writing has been before, during and after, now that I’m presenting it, a Network and social agility laboratory, the Social Media Agility, but above all the Social Human Agility, that allowed me to strengthen relationships that already existed, or transform relationships from Online to Offline thanks to the book. This thing keeps me thinking about the infinite possibilities we have, together, to create valuable communities and help make this world a better place, with our being exquisitely human. In the book I talk about social Dostadning and how it is better to push away those who do not support us in our change, those who demotivate us and those who do not encourage us and how our “Gute Leute”, the good people, are fundamental for living better in a world where we cannot do anything alone. All the people who have supported me also in the presentations are the confirmation, Gute Leute attract other Gute Leute and together you can do small things that, however, maybe can also make a difference.

Important Notice

I am very sorry but we must abide by to the suggestions of the authorities and reschedule the book presentation events of February 25 in Bassano del Grappa and February 26 in Milan, to a more peaceful time, after the Coronavirus emergency has passed. I hope to meet you soon. I will keep you updated on new dates, same panel, promised!

Bassano del Grappa
25 February 2020: to be rescheduled
Libreria Storica Palazzo Roberti
Via Jacopo da Ponte 34

Reviewed by Ferpi as a book of the week!

26 Febbraio 2020: date to be rescheduled
c/o Sede Tinexa S.p.a Palazzo Meravigli
Via Meravigli 7
Time 6:00pm

Moderator: Alessia Liparoti Chief Editor @Editrice le Fonti

This date is a special treat, and will go far beyond a normal book presentation and will see two special Guests participate with me:
Barbara Mazzolai, Director of the Center of Micro-BioRobotics (CMBR) of the Italian Institute of Technology and inventor of the Plantoid (the first robot in the world inspired by the roots of plants to explore unstructured environments) and Riccardo Manzotti, professor at IULM, Scholar of Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness.

A three-way dialogue starting from the book Not even Ostriches do it anymore. Living well with Artificial Intelligence, we will explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence with Tatiana Coviello on society and the individual, with Professor Manzotti on the brain and with Barbara Mazzolai on life and nature that is protected by technology. It’s not a presentation, it is not an aperitif, it is a journey, within things and within people.

To register send an email to or register via Linkedin event through my Linkedin profile (those who have already registered for the February 26 date will have priority of registration, given the limited number of spots available.

Thanks to Tinexa for welcoming us in their wonderful location. An aperitif generously offered by Dr Donkey Srl will follow.

Together with the co-protagonists present at my book presentation in Milan: Barbara Mazzolai, Riccardo Manzotti and Alessia Liparoti we had made a video that was even better than the Netflix trailers, in my opinion, just before having to postpone, and therefore I decided to publish it in in any case, to remember it. We will certainly make another one as soon as we can schedule a new date. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer, because the panel is really intriguing!